Wear Sacral Chakra Crystals: Create A Balance in Life

Sacral Chakra Crystals are stones that have been used for centuries to help balance and open the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, just below the navel, and is responsible for creativity, pleasure, sexuality, and emotional well-being. When this chakra is balanced, we feel creative, passionate, and joyful. What Is […]

Impacts Of Golden Chakra On Our Whole Life

Golden Chakra is the highest chakra and is located at the crown of the head. This chakra is associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness. Golden Chakra represents our connection to the Divine and our ability to access higher states of consciousness. When this chakra is balanced, we feel connected to our true nature and […]

Hand Chakras & Their Power: How to Stimulate Your Life

Ever wondered about the hidden energy centers in your hands? Yes, it’s true – your palms house their own set of chakras. We all know about the 7 major chakras along the spine, but these smaller chakras are often overlooked. The hand chakras are small and can’t store energy but they are crucial for both […]