When Love Feels Unnoticed: 5 Profound Effects of Unappreciation on Motherhood

In the whirlwind of daily life, where responsibilities tug us in every direction, there exists an uncelebrated heroine — the mother. The embodiment of sacrifice and selflessness, mothers weave the intricate fabric of a family’s well-being, often placing themselves far behind the needs of others. The countless tasks they undertake, from managing a bustling household […]

Health Benefits of Gratitude: Live a Sound Life

It is well-established that there are health benefits associated with gratitude. For example, gratitude has been linked to improved mental health, better sleep, and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Additionally, grateful people have also been found to have stronger immune systems and to be more likely to take care of their health. Given the […]

Benefits of Gratitude Affirmations: Creating Meaning in Life

Reminding oneself of positive affirmations is a self-grooming skill that helps one overcome negative impulses and thoughts. It also enhances self-worth in a person making him rely on his positive talents and regard others’ potential too. It brings satisfaction in life and helps you materialize your dreams. So, the answer to “Do Gratitude Affirmations Work?” […]

Gratitude As a Core Value: How to Get Benefit from It?

Gratitude as a core value brings satisfaction, energy, and grace to life and the workplace. It means ‘’a state of being thankful’’ in which humans appreciate and affirm the goodness in life.  According to psychologists, it is a positive emotional response that we recognize on giving or taking comfort or benefit from someone. Gratitude can […]

How To Know If Someone Is Wishing Bad On You?

In a world where interactions can be as complex as they are diverse, it’s natural to wonder about the intentions of those around us. The idea that someone might harbor ill wishes towards you might seem unsettling, yet it’s a sentiment that has intrigued minds for generations. Whether rooted in cultural beliefs, intuitive instincts, or […]

Can Gratitude Make You Cry? What, Why & How

Gratitude in moments of both happiness and grief makes you cry. Sometimes these moments are so overwhelming that they bring tears to your eyes. Weeping with gratitude can bring optimism in chaotic times. In fact, research has shown that gratitude can have a number of different effects on our emotions and behaviors. For instance, gratitude […]