Effective Affirmations for Pregnancy: Make You Accept the Changes

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences a woman can have. But it’s also natural to feel scared and uncertain about what the future holds.

Affirmations for pregnancy can help to ease your fears and provide comfort during this special time. By affirming your love for your baby and repeating positive statements about your pregnancy, you can help to create a calm and positive environment for both you and your child.

8 Ways to Affirm During Pregnancy

Affirmations can also help you to stay focused on your goals for your pregnancy and birth. So, whether you’re feeling anxious about labor or just want to connect with your baby, try using affirmations to bring more peace and joy into your pregnancy journey. Below 8 ways to affirm during pregnancy will make you aware of its benefits:

1. A Great Way to Stay Positive

Expecting a baby is a joyful time, but it can also be a time of anxiety and stress. There are so many things to think about and prepare for! One way to help stay positive during your pregnancy is to use affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that affirm the good things in your life. For example, you might say to yourself, “I am healthy, and my baby is healthy,” or “I am surrounded by love and support.”

Repeating affirmations can help to quiet negative thoughts and focus your attention on the positive aspects of pregnancy. Additionally, affirmations can help to build confidence and increase feelings of well-being.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try repeating some affirmations. It just might help you feel calmer and more positive about your pregnancy.


2. Repeating Positive Affirmations

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, but it can also be filled with anxiety and fear. Repeating positive affirmations can help you focus on the good things about being pregnant and keep you feeling positive. Below are some affirmations for pregnancy that you can use:

  • I am healthy and my baby is healthy.
  • I am surrounded by love and support.
  • I am strong and capable of carrying my baby to term.
  • I am grateful for this beautiful miracle.
  • Every day, my baby and I are getting closer to meeting each other.

 Affirmations can help ease your anxiety and allow you to focus on the joys of pregnancy. So, take a deep breath, relax, and let the affirmations flow.

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3. Say These Affirmations Aloud

Welcome to affirmations for pregnancy! Whether you’re looking to affirm your pregnancy or support a friend or loved one who is expecting, these affirmations can help.

Pregnancy is a time of great change and transformation, both physically and emotionally. It can be easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of pregnancy, such as fatigue, morning sickness, and body changes.

However, it’s important to remember that pregnancy is also a time of great joy and hope. These affirmations can help you focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy and create a more positive mindset.

Take a few minutes each day to repeat these affirmations out loud or in your head. Remember, you are strong, capable, and beautiful – you can do this! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

4. Affirm in Hard Times

When it comes to affirmations for pregnancy, it’s important to keep them positive and realistic. After all, you’re affirming your thoughts about your pregnancy journey, not how things should be.

So, if you’re having a tough day or you feel like you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like, don’t beat yourself up. Simply affirming that things are going well and that you’re on track will do the job.

Remember, your affirmations are your thoughts and nobody else’s, so don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Just keep reaffirming your positive thoughts and trust that everything will work out in the end.

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5. Visualize

Throughout pregnancy, it’s essential to affirm your body’s ability to give birth. Negative thoughts can cause stress and anxiety, which can impact the baby’s health. So instead, visualize yourself giving birth to a healthy baby.

See yourself surrounded by supportive family and friends, feeling confident and capable. Focus on your breath, and feel the baby move down the birth canal with each inhale and exhale. As you push, see the baby’s head crowning. Then, with one final push, the baby is born into your waiting arms.

Take a moment to connect with your child, then breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have successfully given birth to a healthy baby.

 6. Include Your Partner in Your Affirmations

Include your partner in your affirmations to increase the power of the affirmation. Be careful and apply the below-mentioned actions:

A) Make Your Partner Comfortable

When it comes to affirmations for pregnancy, it’s important to make sure that your partner is comfortable with being included. After all, affirmations are all about positive thinking and imagining the best possible outcome for your pregnancy.

However, if your partner feels uncomfortable with affirmations or doesn’t believe in their power, then it’s probably best to keep them out of the affirmations altogether. There’s no sense in including someone in your affirmations if they’re not going to be supportive.

The last thing you want is for your affirmations to become a source of negativity or conflict. So, if you’re not sure how your partner feels about affirmations, just ask. It’s better to have an open and honest conversation about it than to try to force them into something they’re not comfortable with. 

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B) Repeat Affirmations with Your Partner

Recent studies have shown that affirmations can be a powerful tool for pregnant women. By repeating positive statements about their pregnancy, they can help to reduce stress levels and increase the chances of successful delivery.

However, affirmations are even more effective when they are repeated together with a partner. This allows the affirmations to be reinforced by the power of both positive thought and positive action.

In addition, it provides an opportunity for the expectant mother and her partner to bond over their shared experience. As a result, affirmations are more likely to be successful when they are repeated together.

7. Thank Your Body

A woman undergoes physical changes and ailments during pregnancy. She must pay thanks to her body for:

A) Allowing You to Carry a Baby

Giving birth is one of the most amazing things your body will ever do. For nine months, you nurture and grow a new life inside of you, providing everything they need to thrive.

Your body changes in incredible ways to accommodate your growing baby, and then helps you deliver them into the world. Thank you, body, for all that you have done and continue to do for me – I am truly grateful. 

Pregnancy can be a tough time for many women, both physically and emotionally. But it is also a time of great joy and hope. So let us take a moment to affirm all the good that is happening in our bodies as we prepare to bring new life into the world.

We are strong. We are capable. We are dedicated mothers who will do whatever it takes to ensure our children have the best start in life. Thank you, body, for helping us to create and sustain new life. We are so grateful.

B) Providing You with the Energy

As a mom-to-be, you are growing a tiny human being inside of you. Your body is working hard to nourish and support your baby, and it deserves your thanks. Affirmations for pregnancy can help you to express your gratitude for all that your body is doing.

For example, you might say, “Thank you, body, for giving me the energy I need to take care of my little one.” By taking a moment to appreciate all that your body is doing, you can foster a sense of connection and peace.

In turn, this can help to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy. So go ahead and give yourself a little pat on the back—you deserve it!

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C) Allowing You to Produce Milk

Affirmations for pregnancy: “I am so grateful for my strong and healthy body that can produce milk to nourish my baby. I am thankful for the amazing process of reproduction that allows me to bring new life into the world.

I am amazed by my body’s ability to change and adapt during pregnancy. I am grateful for all the ways it is taking care of me and my baby.”

D) Healing Any Injuries or Sickness Quickly

The human body is amazing! It can heal from injuries and sickness quickly. I am so grateful for my strong and healthy body. I affirm that my body can heal quickly from any sickness or injury.

I am pregnant and affirm that my body can grow and nurture my baby perfectly. I am grateful for the perfect health of myself and my baby. Thank you, body, for healing quickly!

E) Keeping You Healthy Throughout

Congratulations on making it through pregnancy and postpartum! It’s no small feat, and your body deserves a big round of applause. Every day, your body is working hard to keep you and your baby healthy.

From growing a whole new human to keeping your immune system strong, your body is an amazing machine. So, take a moment to thank it for all its hard work.

Pat yourself on the back (or better yet, a massage!) and affirm that you are doing an amazing job. Your body is strong, capable, and beautiful – just like you.

8. Be Patient and Positive

Despite the many aches and pains, be patient with your body as it changes. To stay positive, do the following things:

A) Focus on the Good things

Although pregnancy can be a stressful time for many women, it is important to remain positive and focus on the good things. After all, you are bringing a new life into the world! One way to stay positive during pregnancy is to practice affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you can repeat to yourself daily. For example, you might say, “I am healthy, and my baby is healthy,” or “I am surrounded by love and support.” By repeating affirmations, you can help to retrain your thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy.

In addition to affirmations, another great way to stay positive during pregnancy is to connect with other expectant mothers.

There are many online communities and support groups where you can share your experiences and learn from others. So don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with other moms-to-be!

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B) Take Time for Yourself to Relax

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many things to think about and prepare for, and it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. It’s important to make time for yourself during pregnancy, to relax and rejuvenate.

One way to do this is with affirmations. Positive affirmations help to focus your mind on the joys of pregnancy and motherhood and can be a powerful tool for easing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Surround yourself with affirmations that speak to you and take a few moments each day to repeat them to yourself. You deserve to take care of yourself during this special time, so make sure to give yourself the attention and love you need.

C) Talk to Other Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can be one of the most amazing and empowering times in a woman’s life. It can also be a time when she feels overwhelmed, anxious and uncertain.

Getting support and advice from other women who are pregnant or have been pregnant can be incredibly helpful. Talking to other women about pregnancy affirmations can help to build confidence and ease fears.

Hearing about their experiences can also provide valuable insights and practical tips. In addition, spending time with other pregnant women can help to reduce isolation and provide a much-needed sense of connection.

So, if you’re feeling pregnant and need some support, don’t hesitate to reach out to your community of women.

D) Enjoy This Special Time

Pregnancy is a beautiful and special time in a woman’s life. Though it can be filled with challenges and uncertainty, it is also a time of joy and wonder. As you embark on this new journey, remember to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally.

Be sure to eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and take some time each day to relax and connect with your baby. Repeat positive affirmations such as “I am strong and capable,” “I am surrounded by love and support,” or “I am creating a healthy and happy life for myself and my baby.”

By staying connected to your own needs and desires, you can ensure that this pregnancy is a positive and fulfilling experience.

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List of 100 Important Affirmations for Pregnancy

Below is the list of 20 significant affirmations for pregnancy that will make you feel energetic, optimistic, and positive during bearing a child:

  1. I am pregnant, and my body is creating a perfect environment for my baby.
  2. I am grateful for this miraculous experience.
  3. My baby is healthy and strong.
  4. I trust my body to do what is best for me and my baby.
  5. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
  6. I am at peace with whatever may happen during this pregnancy.
  7. I am excited to become a mom!
  8. I am open to all the possibilities that lie ahead.
  9. Every day, I feel more connected to my baby.
  10. My baby is already loved and cherished by many people.
  11. I am in awe of the power of life growing inside me.
  12. I am blessed to be pregnant during this time of profound transformation on our planet.
  13. My baby is helping me to grow in ways I never could have imagined.
  14. I accept all the changes happening in my body with joy and gratitude.
  15. Every day, I feel more confident as a mother-to-be.
  16. My baby is giving me new insights into myself and the world around me.
  17. Pregnancy is a time of exploration and growth for both mother and baby alike.
  18. All my fears about being a mom are melting away as I enter this new phase of my life.
  19. My body is designed to give birth naturally.
  20. I release all fears related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  21. I am pregnant, and I am excited.
  22. My baby is growing healthy and strong.
  23. I am grateful for my healthy pregnancy.
  24. I am in tune with my body and my baby’s needs.
  25. I trust that my body knows what to do during pregnancy.
  26. I am relaxed and comfortable being pregnant.
  27. I enjoy following my pregnancy journey step by step.
  28. Every day brings me one day closer to meeting my baby!
  29. I take good care of myself physically and emotionally during pregnancy.
  30. I have all the support I need from those around me during this time.
  31. I allow myself to be open to the incredible experience of childbirth.
  32. My body is capable of birthing a healthy baby.
  33. My baby is growing perfectly inside me.
  34. I connect with my unborn baby regularly.
  35. My baby’s health and well-being are always in my thoughts.
  36. The birth of my child is a sacred experience.
  37. Labor will progress naturally and smoothly.
  38. The medical staff attending me will support me through labor.
  39. My partner will be an invaluable support to me during labor.
  40. My labor will be shortened if needed.
  41. I am grateful for this beautiful experience.
  42. My baby is healthy and safe.
  43. I am surrounded by love and support.
  44. I am worthy of this experience.
  45. I am strong and capable.
  46. My baby is growing and developing safely.
  47. I am in tune with my body and its changes.
  48. I am peaceful and relaxed.
  49. My baby is happy and thriving.
  50. I am excited to meet my little one soon!
  51. Every day, I get a little closer to my due date!
  52. My baby is healthy and perfect in every way, just as they are meant to be.
  53. I am confident in my ability to give birth safely and peacefully.
  54. My baby is receiving all the nourishment they need from me.
  55. My pregnancy is progressing exactly as it should be.
  56. I am open to the guidance of my intuition during this period
  57. The energy of pregnancy is balancing and strengthening me on all levels.
  58. The fetal positioning is perfect for a healthy, easy birth. 20 Pregnant women have superpowers – we are amazing, strong women!
  59. Pregnancy is a time of growth and transformation.
  60. I am grateful for this growing life within me.
  61. I trust the process of pregnancy and birth.
  62. I am open to the guidance of my intuition.
  63. I accept all the changes happening in my body.
  64. My baby is healthy and thriving inside me.
  65. Pregnancy brings me closer to my partner/spouse.
  66. I enjoy reading about pregnancy and childbirth.
  67. I enjoy talking about pregnancy and childbirth with other moms-to-be. 
  68. I am taking care of myself both physically and emotionally during my pregnancy. 
  69. Labor and birth are natural processes that will unfold in their own time and way. 
  70. I am willing to let go of my preconceived notions about labor and birth. 
  71. I trust that my body knows exactly what to do during labor.  
  72. I will be an excellent birthing partner for my partner/spouse. 
  73. I will embrace the experience of labor and birth, whatever it may be like for me. 
  74. I am confident that everything will go well during my pregnancy, labor, and birth.
  75. I am in awe of my body’s ability to create life.
  76. I am open to the guidance of my intuition throughout my pregnancy.
  77. I am surrounded by love and support from my family and friends.
  78. I am ready for the journey ahead!
  79. I am relaxed and stress-free during my pregnancy.
  80. I am eating the right foods for me and my baby.
  81. I am getting plenty of exercise during my pregnancy.
  82. My baby is receiving all the nutrients he or she needs from me.
  83. I am sleeping well and resting when needed during my pregnancy.
  84. I have all the information I need about prenatal care and delivery options.
  85. I am choosing positive people to surround me during my pregnancy journey. 
  86. I am happy with the decisions I have made about my pregnancy thus far. 
  87. My partner is supportive of me and our upcoming arrival. 
  88. I allow myself to feel all the emotions that come with pregnancy: happiness, sadness, fear, and anticipation.
  89. This journey is bringing me closer to my inner wisdom.
  90. I am surrounded by love, and my child will feel that love too.
  91. Every step of the way, I am becoming the mother I want to be.
  92. My baby is loved and wanted and will be cherished for life.
  93. Everything is going to be perfect for us as we welcome our new addition!
  94. I am at the perfect weight for a healthy pregnancy.
  95. My hormones are in balance and my body is functioning perfectly.
  96. I am trusting in the process of pregnancy and childbirth.
  97. I am open to all the amazing changes my body is going through.
  98. I am grateful for this miraculous experience.
  99. I am in awe of my body’s ability to create life.
  100. My baby and I are both safe and loved.


Being pregnant is an amazing time in a woman’s life. There are so many changes happening, both physically and emotionally. It can be easy to get caught up in all of the negativity that can come with pregnancy, but it’s important to focus on the positive as well.

Affirmations are a great way to do this. By repeating positive statements about yourself and your pregnancy, you can help to increase your overall happiness and well-being.

Affirmations can also help to ease any anxiety or stress that you may be feeling. So, if you’re looking for a way to stay positive during your pregnancy, try using affirmations. They just might help you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will affirmations help me get pregnant?

The answer to this question is not a definitive yes or no. Affirmations are an effective part of many holistic approaches to conception, and many couples have found success this way. However, it is important to note that affirmations are only a part of the process and should not be relied on exclusively.

Other necessary steps to take when trying to conceive include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, tracking ovulation cycles, and seeking professional medical advice if needed. It is also essential to make sure that you are in a positive state of mind when attempting to get pregnant, as self-doubt and stress can be counterproductive.

Affirmations can help you stay positive, but should not be the only tool in your arsenal when it comes to trying to conceive. With a holistic approach and some guidance, you may find that affirmations can be an effective part of the process. Good luck!

Which mantra is good during pregnancy?

One popular mantra to use during pregnancy is “I am surrounded by love and support.” This mantra can help you focus on the positive aspects of your pregnancy journey and remind you of the people who are here for you.

Other mantras that can be helpful during pregnancy include “I am strong and capable,” “I trust in my body’s capabilities,” and “My baby and I are connected.” It is important to choose mantras that resonate with you and your personal journey. Choose mantras that make you feel empowered, supported, and at peace.

How do you write affirmations to get pregnant?

When writing affirmations to help you get pregnant, it is important to focus on positive statements. Instead of writing “I want to get pregnant,” focus on statements such as “I am ready to conceive a healthy baby,” or “My body is capable and strong.”

You can also use affirmations to help build confidence and reduce stress, such as “I am confident in my ability to conceive” or “I trust that I will be a wonderful parent.” Writing down your affirmations and repeating them regularly can help you stay focused on your goals and maintain a positive outlook during the conception process.

How do you get positive vibes when pregnant?

When trying to get positive vibes during pregnancy, it is important to stay connected with your support system and take time for self-care. Connect with friends and family who can offer you support and understanding.

Take time to nurture yourself, whether it be through yoga, meditation, or other practices that help you relax and stay positive. Spend time in nature, or do activities that bring joy and positivity, such as listening to uplifting music or getting creative. Lastly, be kind to yourself and remember that pregnancy can be a beautiful and powerful experience.

How do I pray for trying to get pregnant?

A prayer is a powerful tool during the process of trying to conceive. Pray for strength and patience when going through this journey, particularly if you have been trying for some time without success.

Ask God to give you wisdom in choosing the right doctor or fertility specialist who can provide guidance and support. Pray for protection from any struggles that may come with the journey, such as depression and other emotional issues.

Ask for guidance in making wise decisions regarding fertility treatments or procedures. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and successful childbirth.

Finally, pray that God would give you peace knowing that He is with you throughout this process and will ultimately provide the best outcome for you. God bless!

Does praying help you get pregnant?

Prayer can be a powerful tool while trying to get pregnant as it allows you to express your thoughts, desires, and emotions in a direct way to God. It is also often seen as a form of stress relief that can help reduce anxiety during the process.

While prayer cannot guarantee conception or success with fertility treatments, many believe it can help provide strength and guidance during the process, as well as emotional support.

It is important to remember that each individual’s journey to parenthood is unique and prayer can help you focus on what you can control while trusting God with the rest.

Ultimately, whether or not you get pregnant is out of your hands – but prayer can give you faith and hope in the midst of uncertainty.

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